Stay or Quit

I was a teacher in a primary school before I took up a degree in TESL. When I graduated, I was sent to a school far away from my present home but it was just about half an hour drive. 

I was teaching the Form 1 and Form 2 students but I had to be a form teacher. When I was teaching in the primary school, I didn't need to be a class teacher at all. I didn't like it..

Ok, never mind. Soon I got used to it and I love my life there. It was fun teaching the students even though they were not too good in English. I love to bring the laptop and projector to my classes as teaching through computer was so much fun.

However, I dreaded the drive to school. So I applied for a transfer back to my present hometown. I applied for the fourth time before I finally got it. 

I thought that I would be happy in my new school. But I were not. I was given all kinds of responsibilities which I felt was too much. Worst of all was I was given Form 5 classes. For the past 5 years, I was only teaching the Form 1 and 2. I should be given a follow-up. Say Form 3, then form 4.

I appealed to the Headmistress but nothing was going to change. Then, there was a turn in my life. My husband's brother wanted to break away from the business partnership so I was asked by my husband to help him in his business.

I thought that it was good for me to just quit and help my husband instead. Decision made and I started to work in my husband's shop..

But there were a lot of complications while working with him. Should I stay or quit?


  1. i'd like to answer your question, but this is a matter of personal decision i'm afraid..


  2. Do what your heart tells you to do. Listen for that.

  3. will support whichever decision you decide to take

  4. Que sera sera...what will be will be.

  5. it's hard for us all to say which one is the best option.

    But you will choose wisely, by looking into your heart, Wenn.

  6. half an hour drive and you think it's far away?? hahaha..

    errr, but i think there are always complications when you work with people, anywhere and with anyone.. it just have to be open communication to sort things out.. :)

  7. I wonder should I go or should I stay the band has only one more song to play..Give it a full thought while listening to the last song. In life there are ups and downs. You are now caught in a situation of work and a lifetime partner. Agree with [SK] you just need to have more communication to arrest the internal and external issues of home and work.

  8. aiya, can see hubby everyday....good lah...

  9. If I were your husband..I hope I can see you every day. :D

  10. Then again if you are not happy and your husband can employ another worker to replace you...then...

  11. Stay lo...cannot go back to government..

  12. Sigh... life n its tough decisions.

  13. it depends where your priority lies... how much a family business means to you and your family, and is it important enough to let go your preferred choice (teaching)


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