I have been doing this for quite a number of years. I normally put in RM15.90 in an ang pow to be given to my kid who is still studying. In Cantonese, 159 sounds like 'yat mm kau' ie 'don't be playful in studies'.

But this year, I gave more ie RM159.

Put the cash inside a lovely ang pow for my kid to put it under her pillow

for Intelligence..


  1. oh, this is rather special.. normally ppl give 88, 188 etc..

  2. Wah "upgrade" - this is one of the big ang pao :)

  3. wow..i never thought of that.. you are so creative! :)

  4. I never thought of this phrase too. Usually the normal one RM88, RM18,RM688.

  5. Too bad ma Mama got no chance to read this blog else Bananaz could be RM159 richer during schooling days haha. Happy Birthday today is our birthday. Its 人日rénrì CNY Day VII.


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