First Love

Immediately after my Form 5, I went to work in a textile factory in Taiping. My husband was working in the engineering department. Every time, when I walked past his work place, I could feel that someone was watching me. There was also a supervisor in that department who was much elderly.

One day, this supervisor met me and gave me a tiny note. It was from my husband. He wanted to fetch me to the factory night which fell on Labour day. I said, "Ok!"

Later in the evening, the supervisor took my husband to my house. I met him for the first time. He was rather shy. So I agreed to let him fetch me on that evening for the factory night.

I tried to dress well and he came to my house on time. He used his father's car and when we reached the factory, he led me to the seats for the performances. We sat together and I remembered I offered him my apple. But he was too shy to take it.

From then on, he used to come to my house after work. And guess that's when courtship started. I began to fall in love for the very first time..


  1. hahaha, sweet little encounter huh?? it all started with an apple?? you are surely the apple of his eyes~~

  2. That's very it would be more interesting if you tell us what made him observe you from the beginning? What was that spark? And what made you say OK? Just curious...

  3. Reading this makes me imagine the days like in Grease Lightning days.. Sweet! Feel young again! :)

  4. So the older man served as a go-between, chaperone, and father figure for your both.

    Thank you for sharing this tender and human story of YOU!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  5. Oh the textile fact♥ry g♥t strings attached, ended up with nuptial kn♥t..s♥ sweet.

  6. Wah! After Form 5 already kah? People started early in those days hor? LOL!!!

  7. Awww... wat a sweet love story. So u married ur 1st love.

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