My first new year resolution achieved

My Indian friends and kids came to my place on the first day and I happened to be going out at that time. So I asked them to come again on the third day, ie today. I promised to cook them lunch and the appointed time was 1pm.

This morning, I practically dug out everything from my fridge. There were fish, prawns, chicken, pork and vegetables.

Firstly, I got ready the garlic, onions and ginger. Even cleaned the spring onions and lettuce.

 I prepared the coleslaw by just using the carrots and cabbages. 
I mixed them with mayonaise and chilled them in the fridge.
 1. coleslaw

Fried egg omelette meant for garnishing.
 2. fried omelette

For convenience, I already cooked the rice overnight. 
I fried the rice with prawns and chinese sausages
and put them back into the rice cooker to keep them warm
3. fried rice

I had soaked the bihun earlier. They were ready to be fried. 
I fried them plain with dark soya sauce, light soya sauce and seasoning.
4. fried bihun

Then I proceeded with frying three different types of fish.
5. fried fish

Already seasoned the chicken and coated them with the batter earlier. 
So just continued to deep fry them.
I did it while frying those fish.
6. fried chicken

Already seasoned the prawns and dipped them into beaten eggs. 
Fried them and they came out nice. 
This was the only dish that was eaten cleaned.
7. fried prawns

While stewing these pork slices that were 
earlier seasoned with dark soya sauce, light soya sauce,
honey and sesame oil, 
I cooked the other dish.
I just blanched the broccoli and carrots before
I added the garlic oil and light soya sauce. 
Then topped them with the abalone.
9. broccoli topped with abalone
My friend called if they could come before 1pm. 
I hesitated and told to come at 1.30pm instead. 
Luckily lunch was ready to be served on time when they came.
Finally, longan syrup with ice cubes was the last to be served.

This was the very first time I cooked for my friends during Chinese New Year. 
Normally I would just offer them goodies and mandarin.

My very first resolution achieved!

Thanks to my kids for helping out..
Love them!


  1. wow!! wenn, this is absolutely an achievement!! so many dishes all together, all done by you alone!! no wonder you said you don't have time to nap!! bravo and i love the fried rice and beehoon~~ :)

  2. Wow! A 10-course lunch!! Amazing! I want the fried rice and the fried bihun! : )

  3. wow..Super Woman!! Not bad.. as for me, I dare not call anyone to my house for a meal cos I really cannot cope with so many dishes!

  4. You are definitely a very good cook. If I go Ipoh, I would want to eat what you cook...not what's in the shops. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  5. suituapui, u r most welcome..

  6. wow 10 course meal...I want to try the fried rice, the coleslaw, prawn fritters and sweet icey longan.

  7. thats a lot of dishes! and all of them looks equally yummy!

  8. wow!! You cooked all that! Salute!

  9. wow! what an accomplishment!
    very good-looking dishes!

    those look also soo delicious!


  10. One word to say...You are a good chef.

  11. Good gosh! That's amazing! You are such an amazing cook!


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