F&N Ang Pow

Love this set of ang pow from F&N..

Gold wordings on red any pow..very auspicious!!

This year we received quite a lot of ang pows from our suppliers.

Used them to decorate the shop and even gave away to customers.

I even used them on my hampers as greeting cards.


  1. Good for you... any extras for me? :)

  2. So nice. Here, so hard to ask from the banks these days - will give only a few, if available. Otherwise, have to buy things to get a miserable packet. After Chinese New Year, send my all the leftovers lah! I keep for use next year...

  3. Claire, come over to my place and I will give u some. :)

  4. I've received some Hong Bao packets too from the retailers when I did my shopping, even got some in orange colour! Gave some of them to my Chinese friends and the rest goes into my son's collection.

  5. very nice angpow packets..got xtra pcs, I collected all those nice angpows from bank and companies.

  6. Aiya, supplier ang pau packet only.....no $$$ inside kah? lol!

  7. Wenn : can I hav ur email add,so I can PM u my add. Thanks

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