Taiping my hometown

Taiping is my hometown. I left my hometown, worked in PJ and then studied in KL. Then I worked in Pasir Mas before I stay put in Ipoh until now..Yesterday morning, I drove all the way to Taiping. Normally my mum will take a bus back but this time, I had to drive her back. She had too much stuff to carry back home. So I took leave..

That's the entrance to Taiping..

then to Simpang..

before I turned in at this junction.

If I go all the way, I will reach Taiping town

Finally, I sent my mum back to her house safely..

Then, I took her to see our old home..

Saw our favorite sundry shop but it's already vacant..

Saw my old place from here. 
The double-storey house has already taken over its place.

My neighbour's house..still the same. My old house was almost alike..

I don't get to see my old house anymore..


  1. i have not been to taiping before..

  2. Wah!!! You now live in a BIG mansion! I've a friend originally from Taiping, a Dr Ong now a lecturer in UPSI. I think he gave me my first heong peah...long long ago. LOL!!!

  3. suituapui, that's not my house. It is built on the same spot by someone else.

  4. you should have imbedded in this post the song Green, Green Grass of Home.

  5. Brings back sweet old memories, right?

  6. My old house in Butterworth has been replaced by some shoplots....sobs, sobs.....

  7. Lots of rich people staying in Taman Kaya..Nothing much have changed in Taiping or have not seen the inside yet?

  8. But my mum doesn't stay in Tmn Kaya. Her house is just before it..the low cost ones..

  9. Taiping, 太平, is always very peaceful and relax.

  10. kind of sad. Last September, I got to visit the house I grew up in. The people living there were so kind, let me come in, and gave me a tour of the ground floor.

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