Chinese New Year hampers

As usual, I will be very busy wrapping hampers until the very last day of the Rabbit year..

Hampers bought and given to friends, relatives or families to usher in the Dragon year..

This was the most expensive hamper that I had made a few days ago..a RM400 one.
Can you spot the most expensive item in this hamper?


  1. Funny the difference in languages! Those would be called gift baskets here! A hamper is a container for dirty clothes or the act of stopping something!

  2. the money rolling in!

  3. yeah, hampers can be very expensive..

  4. I couldn't make out what was inside the hamper, so my wild guess is a bottle of alcohol?

  5. I know know Hennessy....wenn wish u n ur family gong hey fatt tai choy.

  6. Can't spot the expensive stuff inside lar.....Musang King Durian kah? ha ha ha

  7. Nice hamper wrapping. Wrapped a lot last year but this year I am not doing any wrapping. Business slow this year and CNY looks so quiet.


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