CNY 9th day

This year I didn't go back to my mum's place for the prayers to the God of Heaven. Instead I spent my time with my neighbour.

All set up..

Yummy looking roasted pig..

Pomelo and 'ang ku'..

The overall view..

I stayed for about an hour. Ate some food and lastly 
my neighbour's husband poured me a glass of Carlsberg. 
That's when I was ready to say goodnight. 
For courtesy sake, I just drank half glass..cannot take it.

Happy 9th CNY!


  1. Yesterday I stayed till 1.30am. Tired...

  2. I spent time listening to the firecrackers from neighbors for the whole sleepless night.. :p

  3. Health & Abundance in the Year of the Water Dragon!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Nothing here...Foochow town but they say the temple's crowded - worship "Thi Kong".

  5. Love the decoration! Fire crackers went non-stop just before midnight last night!

  6. Happy 'Chay Kow' thought would faced a challenge going to bed with a splitting headache but slept like a baby regardless of the fire crackers.

  7. wah really big do wor...whole roast pork

  8. haha, I don't drink beer, so I do not know if I will be able to drink four courtesy sake, belated happy CNY to you.

  9. ur neighbour really celebrated it big big with that whole pork and all!

  10. It sounds more fun over in Malaysia. It was all quiet here in Singapore. Many youngsters don't celebrate CNY anymore.

  11. yum yum, a whole roast pig....

  12. Your neighbour had a big celebration .

  13. and the year of the dragon is upon us!!! tong tong chiang! :)

  14. Huat aarrrrrr!!! Huat aarrrrrr!!! Huat aarrrrrr!!! Huat aarrrrrr!!! Huat aarrrrrr!!! Huat aarrrrrr!!!

    I hope you had a great CNY! I still can wish you and family a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR!


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