Thanks Voon

I started work yesterday and I was not home today. Luckily my girl was home. Otherwise, I would have to collect the letter from the post office. I received a letter from Voon. There is a key chain inside it..

The key chain looks very special. 
I haven't come across it when I was at Shenzhen last time.

It's a calendar for 50 years..Awesome!

Thank you so much, Voon!


  1. wow, this is really special!! a calendar for 50 years, amazing..

  2. Hmmm...nice and so sweet of Voon.

  3. What a nice surprise to receive in your mail. That is a great keychain indeed.

  4. nice of Voon... new year gift..

  5. Gong Xi fa cai!

    You are welcome :)


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