Memorable Sunday

My mum had to go back Taiping as she is going to observe the celebration of the Nine Emperor Gods soon. She wanted to go back by bus but seeing that she had so many things to carry, I offered to send her home. And then I remembered Angeline whom I told that I would let her know should I go Taiping again.

So I quickly messaged her if she would be at home. Luckily she would be free to meet me. When I reached Taiping, I took my mum and girl for lunch as we were real hungry. After lunch, I messaged Angeline if she's at home. But she's already out of her house, so we decided to meet at the Store.

She phoned me and in a short while, she called me from behind.
a shot of us

As since it's just a short meet-up, we quickly exchanged gifts. We hugged and said goodbye. Promised to meet up again one fine day..

Angeline's home-boiled bean curd barley
(with gingko and white fungus too)
We finished it at my aunt's place.

two packets of freshly baked kaya puff

Opened a packet up and my girl was tempted to eat straight away. 

Next I took my mum to visit her relative, friends and sister.
my mum and her cousin SIL
and she's my favorite aunt!
I used to visit her once in a while.

My mum's best pals since I was born!
And I haven't seen them since I left school!
Today I met them!
So happy!

my mum's only sister

She loves to buy numbers. Coincidentally she was buying numbers and asked if I wanted to buy any number. So I bought my car number. I paid only RM3 and I struck RM55! My aunt struck RM42! Indeed we were both lucky today!

A lovely Sunday!


  1. ah... how nice you were able to meet up Angeline (together with Calvin and Hebe) in person albeit just a brief one.. hmmm, and the gift exchange "tradition" was still being well practiced huh?? the kaya puffs looked great, I want to eat that too!! hehe~~ :p

  2. it's your lucky day and a wise decision to send your mum back to Taiping huh?? getting to see blogger friend, your relatives as well as striking a 4D!! RM55 not much but it's a happy thing yeah?? at least petrol to Taiping is free.. :p

  3. Nice meet up I'd say, though just a short one but looks like you exchange quite a lot of gifts!
    Angeline told me you have something for me? Have yet to take from her, t but hank you very much ya!

    1. Wow you guys kena lottery? So nice!
      Though not much but I can imagine that kinda feelings! So lucky!

  4. Really good that you decided to send your mother back to Taiping because this enabled you to visit so many people. Not to mention the win. Not a lot but still very nice to win something back - also very lucky indeed.

    Good night, Wenn. Sleep well.

  5. Nice to be able to meetup with so many people ya... hehe...

  6. Angeline whatapps me yesterday that she met up with you yesterday...

  7. Then i ask her if your mum staying in Taiping? hehe...

  8. Indeed a lovely Sunday.

    And hi to Angeline.

  9. Yes, what a beautiful Sunday for you!! Hope to meet up with Angeline one day too!

  10. Wow! You met Angeline, the Queen of Spams from Taiping!!!

  11. Angeline brought you so much food! Looks like other bloggers know what to do when they go to Taiping!!!!

    Did you ask her if she has retired from blogs? The Taiping gang has boycotted us all. Say no time, no free, office no freedom but all still can go shopping!!! Sigh!

  12. Your mum's best friend looked a bit like my Mil. Gave me goose bumps!
    She became lucky after seeing you! Congrats!

  13. You paid RM3 and won RM55. If you paid RM30 and you would win RM550. If you staked RM300 you could have won RM5500!!! Lagi greedy, you could win RM55,000 if you bet RM3,000! Muahahahaha

    I am crazy!

  14. lovely meet up wor with Angeline. :)

  15. Wow! All the veterans. Reminds me of my future. Huhu! And eh? you should have bought bigger RM for the numbers. Hahahaha!

  16. I like the last picture!!! =]


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