Chee Cheong Fun

My kids and I love chee cheong fun. We don't mind the sesame but not the fried onions. Why? Because my husband said that the sellers usually used the ready ones which can be bought from shops. Those are unhealthy as according to him, they could be wrapped in chemicals that made them crispy. 

So one day, I went to a new chee cheong fun stall  and as usual I asked not to put the fried onions. But the old lady told me that she personally fried her own onions. I didn't have to be worried as she didn't buy those ready ones. 

I was convinced so she put some fried onions together with our chee cheong fun..

chee cheong fun bought with sauce separately

my mum and I love the ccf with curry long beans

but my kids love the ccf with sweet sauce..


  1. it has been a long time i didn't eat chee cheong fun, among all flavour, i like the curry the best~ =D

  2. Good morning wenn, I like to eat chee cheong fun too but it is not easy to find nice ones. Sometimes some ccf has a glue like taste which is not nice. Have a nice day!

  3. oh yeah, i don't like those ready packed fried shallots but those really fried at home one, i super love them!! haha.. it goes well with sesame to be sprinkled on top of the CCF..

  4. lately i have been eating CCF with just soy sauce and sesame oil, also with the green chili and i kind of like it.. it's lighter than the usual curry gravy and sweet sauce.. :)

  5. Yes, i heard thatmthey add in straw to make them crispy... Sigh.

  6. I love to eat the Penang styled Chee Cheong Fun which adds in the black Har-Ko paste. So heavenly!

  7. I didn't know that the fried onions sold outside used the chemicals! How scary! I always eat lots of them. oh dear, I might loose my hair soon!

  8. When I came to live in KL, I realised they eat Chee Cheong Fun with curry. It was a nice change and I love them too.

  9. Oh dear my words cramped together... Using ipad so not so convenient...

  10. Look Fun, Cake Noodle, Shanghai Noodle! All Good!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  11. Mouth watering. I would go for both menus. Have a great day :)

  12. I love chee cheong fun too! But I prefer the HK type, hehe~

    1. As for the fried onions, I agree with your hubby, it's those ready packed which is more unhealthy, but then, it's what the hawker can do, business tactics, ready packed fried onions can serve faster and cheaper too.

  13. I like chee cheong fun too!!! Always buy this when I found is nothing to eat around!!! =]


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