Candle Lighting Contest

Yesterday I was thinking: What contest is suitable for Moon Cake Festival? I came out with quite a number of ideas but finally an idea hit me. Why don't I do something that is related to the festival. Yes, candles! 

I had a box of colorful candles and I decided to create a love shape using them. I waited till it's past 12 midnight which was the start of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. 

Found a nice spot just in front of my living hall's clock.
Easily stuck all those candles even without any outline.
Luckily I could form the love shape nicely..
Then I lighted all the candles..

and started taking pictures with my camera and also my handphone.

Then I quickly posted on Chang Jiang page.

Candle Lighting Contest:

Create something using the candles.
Post it on Chang Jiang's page.
Get your friends to like Chang Jiang and your photo.
The most 'likes' is the winner.
Closing date: 17 Sept 13 at 11.30pm

 I haven't decided on the prize yet but I hope this time it will attract more people as it's very easy. So everyone is welcome to take part.


  1. Great idea, Wenn!! See if I have time to can play candles by myself or not... one of these days.. hahaa...

  2. oh, indeed that sounds interesting and creative!! guess Chang Jiang is the first one to come out with a candle lighting contest?? hmmm, looking forward to see the contestants imagination and creativity!! all the best :)

  3. Great idea! If I have the time, I'll participate.

  4. A very good idea. Let me see whether there are any candles around my house. Thanks Wenn. I have received your microfiber cloth.

  5. Wow! Candles Lighting Contest! Everyone said it is good idea. I hope they will join for fun.

  6. Replies
    1. Ok, still got some time before the due date, see if I got the time and idea or not... Hehe~


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