to Sunway Pyramid

After the dim sum, we went to the Sunway Pyramid for leisure shopping and then for our lunch before we adjourned to Kemuning Utama.

I like this bridge. What's its name?

flat or condominium?

Sunway South Quay

Sunway Pyramid
I was there about two years ago.
Time really flies!

ice-skating ring

After a few hours of shopping, we had our lunch at Esquire Kitchen.

Pictures at Scrumptious.


  1. Hello Wenn,

    I think the unofficial name for the bridge is Motorola bridge because it is near to Motorola office (not sure whether Motorola has moved or not now).

    You bought a house in Kemuning Utama?

  2. Wishing you and your family a Happy Mid-autumn Festival!

  3. we called the bridge the penang bridge in sunway... sorry i didnt know the real name but that's what we normally call it! :P

  4. Hi Wenn,
    very nice sequence of images, interesting the Sunway Pyramid!

  5. Never been to Pyramid for many years now... so you know your way very well in KL! Good.. I only know how to go to Rawang and Sg Buloh to my brother's place..

  6. Those look like flats. We have a lot of these in KL and PJ. Govt built these as replacement homes when people are being relocated from their homes in squatter areas.

    Esquire Kitchen has pretty good food. Did you like it?

  7. i like the parking there. Easy to locate empty spot coz they put the green and red lights

  8. Makes me wanna go shopping now. lol.

    Been to Sunway Pyramid's new wing few years ago. Walked till my feet sore. haha

  9. i don't think there's a glamorous name for the bridge but it's known as the LDP Bridge since it's on the LDP highway, haha..

  10. Sunway Pyramid is a nice shopping mall to hang around.. smart choice and i guess it's because it's near to the place you planned to go?? :)

  11. ah, Esquire Kitchen.. have not been there for quite some time already.. always love their sour and spicy sichuan style soup, very appetising.. :)

  12. That bridge has been called Motorola Bridge since Day 01. They rebuilt and it looks like Penang Bridge now.

  13. I posted the article in my blog - Tomorrow May Not Come where the terminally ill girl actually lives inside that flat! What a coincidence.

  14. Sunway South Quay should be named Sunway Valley due to its steep road down into a valley with a lake.

  15. We frequent the Esquire Kitchen often as the food is simple and nice yet a bit costly now. I like their Shanghai noodles!

  16. lovely architecture! i really like that bridge.


  17. I had a date with my gf in sunway pyramid long ago. Now she's my wife. Huhu

  18. I always pass by that bridge when go KL, not sure about the name though, guess it's situated at LDP, right?

    1. Long time never been to Sunway Pyramid already... Prefer One Utama, hehe~


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