Oversea Restaurant

Every Sunday is actually the only family day for us. My husband was out till about 8pm and we quickly went out for our dinner.

 Passed by this corner shop frequently but this was my first shot of it. 
I like its colorful lighting at the entrance.

We always eat out on Sundays. Today we had our dinner at the Oversea Restaurant in Ipoh. Mind you, we had to wait for almost an hour for our meal. We ordered chicken, fish, omelet and  sawi.

This wanton noodles was an additional dish. 
The presentation was good. 
See those seafood!
I love them!

My mum was treated to a scrumptious meal.
Next Sunday she won't be eating with us as 
it's time for her to go back to her hometown.

Thanks mum for your stay here!
You have been helping us with our
house chores.

We appreciate your kindness!


  1. Your Mom must have love staying with you. :)

  2. Hello Wenn,

    How sad to know that your mother has to go back to her hometown but you can go to visit her whenever you miss her. The food looks good but to wait for 1 hour, I would be famished!

    Good night. May you sleep well.

  3. Good evening wenn!

    The lightning at that shop is attractive!
    We don't have any specific family day, cause everyday is also family day, hehe~

    1. It's so great that our mums can help us a little with house chores right?
      My mum helps me a lot with Aden ;)

  4. The wanton noodles look yummy! I eat out a lot last time, but nowadays always eat home cos healthier and cheaper : )

  5. Yes, very colorful and pretty entrance to that shop!

  6. yeah, it's good to fix a day for family day and everyone gathers to have a nice scrumptious dinner.. that noodles certainly looks delicious and making me drool :)

  7. yeah, the chinese say "an elderly at home is like a precious at home".. surely your mum did a lot for you when she was staying with you.. :)

  8. Food looks good. Oversea always hv good service

  9. I thought you flew overseas to eat. Hahaha!

  10. 4 dishes for almost 1 hour of waiting time? HUhu! In kuching, we have a crowded restaurant but the waiting time is only 15 minutes.

  11. an hour of wait is a long time..those come with hungry stomach will become Angry Birds..haaaa...

  12. So home chef's off on Sundays. Oversea Restaurant's food has got quality.

  13. I also like to eat at Oversea Restaurants in KL but they are not cheap. The service is also slow sometimes as these places are always crowded!!

  14. There is one very big Oversea Restaurant opposite the PJ Hilton Hotel and it can seat at least almost 800 people. Try to eat on weekends and you might scream!!! LOL

  15. Wanton noodles~~~ my most favor dish, can have it for every breakfast!!! =]


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