Christmas Gathering

I had announced the plank challenge at Chang Jiang facebook right after Deepavali. I had only practiced six times and I had to leave for my holidays in UK. When I came back, I continued with only 4 times. Therefore, I didn't seriously practise for the challenge at all. 

 Finally a date was fixed. That was yesterday morning. The night before yesterday, I had already got all those necessary preparation done. I had wrapped two winning prizes for the plank challenge. I had even wrapped these two tiny gifts below.

gifts and cards from UK

So yesterday morning at 10am, we were already at my friend's house despite the drizzle. We had a warm-up session conducted by my other friend who attends aerobic class every week.

Next, we had the plank challenge for the two guys. Yeah, a few other guys had chicken out last minute.

So, here's the champion for the male category!
A prize from Chang Jiang.
Congratulations, Naidu!

Before we proceeded with the ladies, I had presented a small Christmas gift to..
both of them who are going to celebrate Christmas.
There's a card and a key chain from Scotland  for each of them.
Merry Christmas, Naidu and Doris!

Next, we carried out with the ladies. Yeah, I was in the challenge too.
Obviously, she's the winner. She's the owner of the house too.
Congratulations, Anita!

The others got the consolation prizes from Chang Jiang.

Besides, I knew about the birthday of my two friends who just celebrated them a few days ago. I wanted to have a surprise birthday celebration for both of them together so I bought this chocolate moist cake for them.
Happy Birthday Anita and Shane! May both of you stay sweet and lovely always!

And here's our scrumptious refreshment.
It was sponsored by the owner of the house.
Thanks Anita!


  1. This's really fun, can feel the Christmas feel here!!! =]

  2. Congratulations to winners. I see everyone is the mood of Xmas by wearing the reindeer headbands. Haha

  3. Thank is very sweet of you. Happy birthday to the girls!!

  4. Nice gathering Wenn!! Good to see everyone having fun...

  5. Congratulations to Anita! It was a good challenge! I think I need to shrink my tummy before doing it.

  6. WENNakam! Merry Christmas, Naidu and Doris!

  7. Plank challenge, I wonder how is this actually.

  8. Yeah, I saw you posted at Chang Jiang FB page that all must wear red for this plank challenge.

  9. It is always a fun gathering where we gather at a place, we have fun, meet friends and of course fill our tummy with great food

  10. Wenn, I received your Christmas Card and magnet, thank you very much.

  11. Seems like a fun event! Very challenging, a proper plank pose is sure no easy task. I yoga we even straighten our legs, only our elbows, palms and toes are on the floor. This works even more efficient!

    1. Anyway everyone looks like they had fun! Can play, laugh and eat! Surely a happening and memorable event for all.

  12. Hello Wenn, what a nice gathering and challenge. I guess everyone has lots of fun!

  13. wow, this is a fun gathering huh?? a plank challenge to spice up the gathering too, now, that's creative huh?? but Naidu was the winner?? he was doing the plank with his knees on the floor and that is not a plank.. :)

  14. haha, too bad our Ipoh Taukesoh didn't win the challenge.. but even if she won i guess she will let the runner-up have the prize instead right?? lovely gifts i would think, since they were bought all the way from UK, wow!!


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