Edinburgh Castle

22 Nov 2013:
We were given a free and easy day to explore Edinburgh on our own. The first place on our must-visit list: The Edinburgh castle. The entrance fee was not cheap.

the shot before we entered the castle compound
we were ready to get in after purchasing the tickets
took a shot of the entrance after our entrance through the gate
checked the entrance fees here
once inside, the first thing was to get the view of Edinburgh
Scotland traditional wear
the cannons
the armour
the 1 o'clock gun
fired everyday except Sundays
the first gun was fired in 1861 to provide an audible time signal for ships in the port of Leith

Check my facebook if you want to see more pictures.

Next, we explored the Holyrood Palace..


  1. Love this place, I've this place's poster at home!!! =]

  2. Good about free and easy is that you can take your time to explore the place ya...

  3. If follow tours, will have time limit to explore the place...

  4. Perfect for shooting classic movie about medieval time. :D

  5. Good afternoon wenn!
    It's a hot wednesday here at Taiping! :0

    1. The castle is interesting! I love visiting castles oversea, very interesting!

  6. i have not been to Scotland, and if i happen to go to UK next time, i will plan to go there.. it's a nice country from what i saw from the photos you shared :)

  7. lovely castle and the view of Edinburgh you saw from the castle was just stunning!! great shot!! BTW, you didn't go near and take a photo together with the soldier/guard?? :p

  8. wah, expensive loh, i will not able to go scotland liao~ sigh!

  9. Hello Wenn, since there although expensive must also enter the castle. But to think I have been to Edinburgh 3 times but still have not entered the castle, hahaha.

  10. After coming so far away better buy the tickets and have a look right?

  11. The Edinburgh castle are like the one I always seen from TV. Hehehe...

  12. I always enjoy looking around palaces and castles. Make me feel like back to the past.

  13. My friend told me that Edinburgh Castle is the most popular and famous castle in the whole of Great Britain! Wow! You are lucky to have visited that place.


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