Christmas Video Contest

Ok, I have got a new challenge for everyone. Do you like to sing? Maybe you can play an instrument? 

The winning prize:
flown all the way from UK

1. Video yourself playing/singing a Christmas carol/song.
2. Post it at Chang Jiang.
3. Get your friends to like Chang Jiang page and your video.
4. The video with the most 'likes' wins.

Closing date: 24 Dec 2013 at 11pm


  1. All the best to those who's taking part... :)

  2. oh yeah, shortbread from Scotland~ XD

  3. I am not good at singing and now rusty with my musical instrument. Lol! But good luck to those participating.

  4. Singing is not a problem.. getting people to Like my singing is a problem! hahahaa...

  5. wow, lovely English Shortbread all the way from UK!! delicious.. all the best of luck to those who will be participating.. :)

  6. Oh I wish good luck for those participated.

  7. Sounds lso fun. I onyl sing inside the bathroom hehehe....

  8. Looks like there are many of them who love to sing eh.... wish you can upload here or at Chang Jiang FB page...

  9. Can post at blog but not fb or not??? I've my sis, cousins, aunt on fb, will ask tons of questions!!!! =.=!!!

  10. Good afternoon wenn!
    Wow, another contest from CJ! Hmm, I love singing but am too shy to record it down and get everyone to like it, hehe, so will give this contest a skip!
    Anyway, good luck to everyone who participate!

  11. Hello Wenn, I think this contest is just right for Claire as she is very good in singing and playing the guitar.

  12. I cannot sing well so i better not post otherwise you will be embarrassed instead of me! Muahahahaha


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