Jedburgh Abbey

We left the Hadrian's Wall and continued with our journey to Jedburgh.

Here's Jedburgh.

Jedburgh Abbey was founded by David I in around 1138 for Augustinian canons.

The church was built in the Romanesque and early Gothic styles and is remarkably complete. Jedburgh Abbey’s close location to the English border meant it was frequently targeted by invading border armies.

We got to travel to Edinburgh which would be a more interesting place..


  1. Yah, can see from the building, it has roman architecture style...I want to go lol!!! =]

  2. The buildings there have almost the same colour texture... bricks and stones... when I was in Aberdeen, the buildings are all greyish in colour... Edinburgh is slightly different... more happening there...

  3. Edinburgh! A nice place to be.

  4. wah you have been walking a lot wor. Snapped so many pic of the buildings

  5. Replies
    1. Looks like you've been to quite a lot of small towns? Look forward to read about Edinburg, I have an ex coursemate who stayed there =)

  6. Hello WENNakam... What a unique name- Jedburgh! This is the first time I hear and see this place. I love old exotic places like this. Thanks for sharing dei...

  7. hmmm, i supposed this place is just a stopover for you to have a break?? anyway, it's nice to have a stroll around this place after a tiring day on the coach huh?? :)

  8. but since you were brought there, make no sense to not go around and explore the place right?? and you actually have snapped quite a lot of photos, and those structures are actually quite awesome i would say :)

  9. liked the building too, wanna go visit leh~ T.T

  10. Hello Wenn,

    Must be nice to walk around in this quiet historical town. The weather looks really cool in the photos.

  11. I'm bec in action, continue to see more interesting photos from your UK trip..

  12. It is a quiet and peaceful small old towm.


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