Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall (Latin: Vallum Aelium) was a defensive fortification in Roman Britain, begun in AD 122 during the rule of emperor Hadrian. In addition to its military role, gates through the wall served as customs posts. A significant portion of the wall still exists and can be followed on foot along the Hadrian's Wall Path. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern England and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. 

We left Leeds early in the morning and we reached the Harian's Wall in an hour. It's indeed a spectacular view.
a close shot
We walked further to explore it.
simply magnificent view
the well-preserved walls
Some stood on it but it was really cold and the grass was wet.
My girl was careless and she fell on her side.
love this faraway view
They were still there but I had quit.
this shot from the coach
a nearby shot

It was a great experience. Didn't know it was such an interesting place to visit.

Next we stopped at Jedburgh.


  1. I guess...it is something like malacca's A'farmosa? I mean the remnants of the fort.

  2. Magnificent views, love the wide spaces which is lacking in SG. :)

  3. Feel like walking in a different place at all. Hardly can find in Malaysia

  4. Is this the place that you ask us to guess where was it???

  5. Oh dear... I hope your daughter wasn't in pain after the fall.

    By the way, I received your Xmas card. Thank you. :)

  6. Good afternoon wenn!
    Wah, really a nice place with lots of beautiful views!

  7. Interesting, Wenn! Nice scenery.. if not for the weather, can walk longer, right?

  8. I love the 3rd photo, very nice taken. Trees, green green grass and blue sky. Just like those posters on the wall.

  9. I hope your girl is ok. Quite high too if to fall from up there.

  10. Again I enjoy myself looking at your scenery photos around the place. If I were there, definitely I feel excited to take many shots... Don't know which angle I should take. Just snap and snap!

  11. I regret I failed to make it to this wall when I was in Newcastle in 1998. Glad able to see it through your photos

  12. nice shot taken there, i no $$ go there d~ T.T

  13. Hadrian is truly a nice place to visit and I agree that the view in magnificent and fabulous.
    I think it must be very eerie at night as no one lives there.

  14. nice place to go if you love the nature!! i feel very comfortable looking at the nice scenery there, especially the green pasture, makes me feel so relaxed.. :)

  15. but one thing, the wall could be a little too low?? errr, i mean anyone could probably have jumped over just like that.. haha!! maybe they are just called "wall" and not "great wall" like those in china.. :)

  16. Hello Wenn,

    Great photos! I like the "faraway view" photo best.


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