Holyrood Palace

22 Nov 13: After visiting the castle, we made our way to the Holyrood Palace. The entrance fee was a little cheaper than the fee for the castle.

we made our way into the palace through the main gate
once inside, this was what captured my attention
looks like a crown
behold the palace but no photography was alllowed
it was worth the visit
at the exit, we came into the abbey
ruined but maintained
view of the abbey from outside
it was once a grand abbey
it was rather quiet when we were there
not as hectic as the castle


  1. Pretty ancient palace. Looks like here is not crowded at all if to compare with Edinburgh castle.

  2. I think it is alright to pay the fee. At least they used the fund to upkeep and maintain the palace all the time.

  3. Do you feel like a queen when you're inside? Hahaha, it was just my imagination.

  4. wow, very captivating "gold" color on the top of the castle.. i guess it was because of the sunlight and not really because they were built with real gold right?? haha.. :p

  5. too bad no photographs allowed inside the castle, else we would have seen more of the interior of this castle.. anyway for you, the pictures are already in your mind.. :)

  6. I went to a few castles but I didn't enter into any.. just outside.. took some pictures and then that was it...
    The "gold" picture is really captivating as SK said.. :)

  7. Too bad no photography, if not we can have a glimpse of the inside of the palace...

  8. Did you get anything from the shop there?

  9. Beautiful ancient palace and abbey.

  10. Replies
    1. This place is quite interesting, not very crowded I can see.
      The crown thingy caught my attention too!

  11. Wow...the castle looks stunning from outside.

  12. I wonder why they refuse to let visitors take photos? :/

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  14. Hello Wenn, the place really looks deserted. Guess it is not as popular a tourist spot as the Edinburgh castle.

  15. This castle is quite nice though smaller in size. I wonder if you have ever visited the Hampton Court Palace. It is quite a popular tourist spot.


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