To York

After Cambridge, we were taken to York. It was a long journey as it took about 4 hours to reach York. So glad that we finally reached the place.

We had a walking tour around York..

This was the place that we were given the time to take pictures.
Isn't it lovely?
I like to take pictures of this. It gave the directions of different places from that point.

Here's the Shambles. We were asked to look out for cats.
cat no 1
cat no 2
cat no 3
cat no 4

It seems that there are about 22 altogether but I was too lazy to spot anymore. 
The sky had gotten dark!
Yorkshire chocolates!
Here's the note about the Shambles.

Next we headed to Leeds where we stayed at Hotel Ibis. We had our dinner at the hotel.


  1. The building you're saying lovely, is it a church?

  2. HeLLo Wenn,
    I love old buildings and in Kuching, we have a Cat museum.

  3. Nice place, Wenn... this time you really traveled to many places here...

  4. York looks like a small town with interesting shops.

  5. What a lovely place to visit.

  6. Very nice! I particularly like the shot of the trees, the third picture. Thanks for sharing. Trust you all had a great time.

    Didn't know about the cats there. Interesting.

  7. Good afternoon wenn!
    Those are very nice cats, hehe!

  8. Altogheter 22 cats. The creator must have loved cats. :D

  9. During the journey, can look at the scenery ya...

  10. oh york, i miss it too~ well, i didn't see those cat figure on the building statue last time~ >.<

  11. Hello Wenn,

    Yes, the building is lovely. I like the spotting cats game. 22 cats!? so many!

  12. Never heard about this York before. But I'm sure the town is very special with cats miniature statue around.

  13. 22 cats that's alot to look around the building up and down. I felt dizzy too if I found all of them...Hahaha

  14. I realised there has many boat rides.

  15. ah, 4 hours in the coach, surely it's a long and boring journey huh?? anyway, it's all worth if the place you were heading is a beautiful one, agree?? :)

  16. it's a nice place, i have not been to York before.. and i like the photo you have taken for the signpost, it also tells you where you've probably been in York also huh??

  17. interesting Shambel with so many cats being "built" onto the walls of buildings.. haha, would be fun if you have had more time exploring and the weather wasn't that cold huh?? bet Small Kucing will love this place :)


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