Chinese New Year mood

Chinese New Year will soon be here and Chang Jiang is already in the mood. Here's a challenge for everyone.


Chinese New Year Challenge:

1. Create a CNY year card with all the creativity ideas that you can think of.
2. Post the picture of your created card here.
3. Everyone is a winner.
4. You might want to send your card over to Chang Jiang. You will get an Ang Pow.
5. Dateline: 23/01/13 at 11pm


Everyone is welcome to take part. 


Two days ago, I had prepared a few lanterns as below.

three new ones
the boss said, 'Only 3 ah?' 

I replied, 'Wait la. No time yet!'

Then yesterday, I took out an old golden ang pow lantern which was left from last year's decoration. 
The others were already taken away by my customer.
So I did another two new ones.

Now I have perfect 6!
The boss is happy and so do I..


  1. I'm also in the mood whenever I hear cny songs. Hope you have fun with this activity. :)

  2. oh, another contest from Chang Jiang, interesting!! CNY card sounds interesting and seems to be closer to my ability, haha.. will definitely do that if i have the time.. :)

  3. don't tell me those lantern you made are considered the "CNY card" entries!! hahaha, if that's the case, i think my creativity and ability will be far away from your expectation, hahaha~~ :D anyway, nice lanterns you made, sure your boss is happy.. :)

  4. You didn't ask the Boss to help you made those lanterns together? Would be a great bonding time. ;)

  5. I don't have the mood yet until boss pays out bonus. No bonus, no mood la.

    I always admire the folded red packets that were made into beautiful lanterns!

  6. Replies
    1. You do have a creative hand!! Very interesting lanterns.

      Hmm, CNY greeting card. Long time didnt do any art and craft, I think my hands turn rusty! hahaha!

    2. Good luck to all the participants!!!

  7. Hello Wenn,

    As usual, an interesting contest where everyone gets to be a winner. Let me try to make a CNY card for this contest and see if I can make it in time before the due date.

  8. So fast you are decorating for CNY. I am still busy spring cleaning. :P

  9. I would love to take the challenge. I will ask my girls to create CNY cards for this challenge. Happy New Year to you, Wenn.

  10. Me not CNY mood yet..LOL....still "hangover" from Xmas :p

  11. Interesting....but sometime needs mood to design something....will see ya!!! =]

  12. Another contest!
    I don't think I'll have the time to participate :(

    By the way I wonder why is there %#@ symbols at this post?

  13. Wanted to participate..but don't think I have the time to sit down and create anything..good luck to all participants!!


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