Dim Sum

Recently I had a challenge whereby the customers posted their breakfast at Chang Jiang. I decided to give all the participants a dim sum treat. There were 7 participants altogether.

Only 3 came. Too bad the others couldn't make it.

We were enjoying the dim sum..

first round..

second round..

We had fun time enjoying our dim sum and chat..


  1. The rest who din't make it sure miss out a fun gathering huh? ;)

  2. hmmm, interesting challenge, but i guess it was more interesting to dine with all the participants together huh?? sure you had lots of fun, and i see a very familiar face among your customers.. :)

  3. That must be great to meet up with the participants. A great gesture.

    I love dim sum.

  4. Too bad, the others couldn't make it, if not it will be more fun ya, hehe...

  5. Dim Sum Gathering! I like that... hope we can arrange a meet up with others too after CNY!

  6. Ooh ...I am coming back to ipoh for dim sum soon !

  7. Really too bad the rest can't make it. The dim sum looks good!

  8. Ooohh, I love dimsum..
    My must haves are: pei-tan-sau-yuk porridge, siew-mai, fried fish balls, fried prawn salad (or fried dumplings), woo-kok and not forgetting the chau-kueh-kak..

  9. What a fun to post and eat!!! You are so clever to attract their participation!

  10. nice gesture to treat your customers with dim dum.

  11. Nice gathering, pretty sure it's pretty fun!!! =]


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