My first new year walk

Oh dear, my cars were not around. One was driven by my girl to school. The other was driven by my boy to town. I asked him to fetch me to work but he wouldn't be back so soon. I had no choice but to walk to work. It was a sunny day yesterday. Of course, I used the umbrella.

That's the playground on the left.
It's so near my house and yet I didn't make use of it.

It's already noon and it's so quiet.

I crossed the road and the drain too. Yeah, short cut..

This lane is rather quiet too. I walked quickly..

Oh, the shady area..

I walked along the corridor of those shops.

Finally, I reached my work place.
It took me 10 minutes of walking.
It was a bit of an exercise for me.
Walking is a good form of exercise 
but I won't be doing it frequently!


  1. Hello Wenn, It must be nice to live so near the shops, especially your shop. I remember walking to the shops last time from my house and it took me 45 mins and by the time I reached the shops, I was drenched in my own sweat.

  2. Yes, in the quiet areas, must walk very quickly. I guess you won't be doing it frequently because of safety reason, is it?

  3. I live in a condo.. I also never make use of the swimming pool and gym.. Really.. I lived there for 2.5 years liao, I never been to the pool before.. Only hubby bring the kid to the pool once in a blue moon.. Maybe I should start utilizing it..

  4. So quiet....better don't do it again, very dangerous, but if your area is very safe, is good to walk to work can exercise and look around!!! =]

  5. lovely neighbourhood. Best about Ipoh is everything also near

  6. 10min of a lovely stroll.

    Lucky you, it means your house is just about 1-2km away from the shop? :-)

  7. 10 mins walk to the shop, which mean not very far...

  8. Wow! That a lot of places you go to although it is only 10 minutes. Really troublesome when you do not have transport right? I couldnt live without my car! hahaha! Sure die in the house if I do not go out. Lol!

  9. Buy yourself a new Mountain Bike as a New Year gift and cycle to & fro your workplace!

  10. Yes, better dont walk along the quiet lanes... nowadays it is not safe to walk anywhere, very kek sum one... :) but good exercise esp in the morning!

  11. Good, if do everyday no need to exercise already.

  12. hey, it's just a 10 minutes walk!! i think you can walk to work instead of driving, save petrol and also let yourself exercise a bit huh?? but then it seems like everywhere is so quiet by the time you go to work, not safe that's why you decided to drive to work everyday??

    1. Anay's idea is great. A bicycle would be great. :)

  13. Looks like a nice walk to take every day!

  14. Guess your walking isn't so boring since you took photos everywhere! ;)

    I love to walk, don't mind to walk, but with the security these days...... Hmm.... =_=

  15. looks like a desserted ghost town!!

  16. Yeah, it is not advisable to walk alone even in your own neighbourhood nowadays with the growing crime rate...


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