Noodles for birthday

Yesterday was my girl's birthday. She didn't want a cake. She said it's so unhealthy. Ok, so we decided to go for our breakfast together. She took me to a coffee shop in Ipoh Garden.

While waiting for our noodles, we had the fried har kau.

Then our misua came. It's good to have misua on one's birthday.

Just a simple breakfast but it tasted so good. I even drank up the soup. And also tapau for the boss. He liked it and asked where we bought it. I told him and he was surprised. "All the way there for breakfast?"
I replied, "Why not? It's Jean's birthday!"


  1. Yup..why not.

    Happy birthday to Jean.

  2. Happy birthday to your girl ! Seems like same birthday as my girl too !

  3. Happy Birthday to Jean :)

    OMG, when I see your 1st picture, I get all excited.. It's my favourite too and I always MUST have this if I go for dimsum.. They call it the "prawn salad" (har salad).. They always serve with mayonaise and I always ask for extra, hehe..

    Mee sua looks good.. Like chue yok fun (pork mee) but with mee sua instead of normal mihun-mee (or mihun kueyteow).. Pork mee punya soup is always good and I also always finish the whole bowl.. I even ask for extra "spare parts" especially the fried pork lard, intestines and liver.. Yummz

  4. When i saw the fried har kau, i was drooling over it as it's one of my favourite foods... kaka...

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter. Very good move to enjoy a delicious breakfast together.

  6. Where food will travel !! Yes, Cong Yin is not bad... now the price has increased much and still the crowd is there..
    Happy Birthday to Jean again.. she looks sweet like you, Wenn!

  7. Happy B'day to Jean !

    Haha.....even not for special occasion, I really won't mind to travel for good food.

  8. Happy Birthday to your girl!!!

    But why cake is so unhealthy?? Just pick those too creamy cake, should be fine right? (for me I always pick ice cream, hehe)

  9. hahaha, cake is unhealthy?? errr, i don't think so but there are other things that are even more unhealthy than cakes, hehe.. anyway since your girl wanted something special for her birthday, why not?? it's her birthday!! :)

    1. Cakes is a must for birthdays but not compulsory. Carrot cake is healthy without cream!

  10. the dumplings and the noodles looked very nice to me.. ah, even the boss also liked it, so i think it must be real delicious and make you drove all the way there.. :)

  11. Happy birthday to Jean!! Lovely girl.

  12. Good afternoon wenn!
    Your girl is very health conscious ya? ;)

    Happy birthday to your girl~

  13. I love mee sua too! Happy birthday to your girl, Wenn, she looks as pretty as you...

  14. Happy Birthday to you, Jean. Something simple for birthday, would be nicer eat with a red birthday egg.

  15. Happy Birthday Jean! Have a happy and healthy year ahead!


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