Caring for the heart

Just now we visited an uncle at Pantai Hospital Ipoh. I haven't been to this hospital for quite some time already. The last time I went with my sister as she had to meet a doctor to close a sale.

Pantai Hospital Ipoh

Motto: Caring from the heart

Slogan: We are family. Yes, I can!

Love your baby. Love your family.

Anmum. Materna.

This uncle is suffering from depression. He claims that his sons are not bothered about him. But now he is lying in the hospital. His five sons have to take turns to care for him.


  1. i thought you went for a check up.

  2. i don't like going to hospitals, it's that kind of feeling that make me feel not comfortable..

  3. Depression is real, you know,, those who suffer from need a lot of attention, love and prayers,,

  4. The poor man. Tell him he got his children there already, dont be depressed anymore.

  5. Sometimes old people don't have much things to do or they got bored and go into depression.

  6. Nowadays hospitals looked like 5 star hotel..must have a hobby to get rid of depression, which do your choose mahjong or blogging? I would go for the latter.

  7. Nice hospital.

    Errr....I have a question. If the sons don't care about him, why are they over there taking care of him?

  8. Hate going to hospital unless choice.

  9. Hate going to hospital unless choice.

  10. Pantai KL's service certainly doesn't seem to be "caring from the heart". Don't blame the staff though coz I think the hospital's understaffed.


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