Mesmerizing Moments

It had been a long time since I last walked with my husband at the Polo Ground. Yesterday morning was the happiest moment as he got up early and asked me to walk with him.

So after drinking our orange-flavored drinks, we headed to the Polo Ground. On the way, we witnessed the Sultan passing by. 

When we reached our destination, my husband parked our car too near the kerb.  Look..That's the result of his carelessness.


Never mind, when he did it, no comment. If I were to do it, surely I would get bombarded. 

As we walked and talked, I looked over the vast area of the Polo Ground.

Here, I saw something different.Those flower-like structures were added on.

And this lady captured my attention. I knew about the normal hula hoop but not this one. I would call it Hula Balls instead..

We had passed this old man earlier and he seemed strong even though he was a little slow. As I was standing near the roadside, this old man had by past us. See, he had won us. He kept on walking.

As my husband was busy reading the Star,  I was busy looking around.

Those people were busy getting their blood presssure read by the nurses in charged.

Saw this advertisement welcoming the players and officials to the 
20th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Men's International Hockey Tournament 2011.

Just couldn't help admiring this old tree by the full of ferns.

Then we called it a day after my husband had finished reading the paper.


  1. oh, the Polo Ground is very nice from far, i love the lush green..

  2. Wenn: That was a fun trip with some neat captures from the Polo Grounds.

  3. husband likes to be close to the nature huh! :D reading newspaper on the ground. I would love to do this too.

  4. Well ... It's been 20 years since I stepped onto polo ground!

  5. nice environment for a walk... I have never been to the polo ground..

  6. Poor car bumper..

    thanks for sharing this nice spot to relax

  7. hehehehe we r=think alike, Before I read your commentary, I was thinking, luckily he did it, and not you. My husband is the same. I refuse to drive his own car. I feel too stressed.

    Still, it was great when he got up early to take you PAKTOW

  8. look at the way ur hubs read the papers man! caya lah! lol!

  9. Your hubby need to bring a chair next time hehe.

  10. Straight away 'Avatar' comes to the mind when seeing the old trees. Huh your hubby squat to read all the pages? I would do that too spread out on the floor but would sit instead.

  11. really nice pics. Hope you can join our Monday Green Meme -



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