'Spooky' true story

YOU KNOW, sitting in a car for four hours isn't my idea of fun. I bet it isn't your idea of fun either. It's even less fun when your car catches on fire.

That was last Friday. I had promised my little sisters that I would make it to their year end dance recital. It was a very big deal because our father had passed away violently at the beginning of the month.

He obviously wouldn't be able to make the recital. So I thought it might bring sunshine to my sisters lives if they saw more family show-up. That meant that come hell or high water I was going to be there when the curtains peeled..

Of course, I didn't expect the flaming automobile part of the journey. The car just had a huge mechanical overhaul. I even bought four new tires.

It was good to go for another year. Or so I thought.

Because it caught on fire and forced us to pull off the road in some town I didn't quite remember from my childhood.

I was about ready to curse our luck and kick the car in a furious fit of rage when I suddenly realized where we broke down.

The weird thing is, we broke down at my father's auto dealer. This is where he purchased his truck and brought it in for maintenance.


Drivers Return On Foot if you ask me.

It was disturbingly convenient that we broke down in the driveway of my father's Ford dealership while driving a Ford.

Not only that. But they only had the one part in stock anywhere nearby. What's more, they only had minutes to order it when they found out we desperately needed it.

Or we would have been stranded half a week. :-(

Now I don't know about you.

But I don't normally believe in "hokey pokey" angels, ghosts, or miracles.

Still, you tell me what the odds are...

If you were to drive for four hours only to break down in the driveway of your father's Ford dealer and mechanic.

And when I say, in their driveway, I mean it.

Because the car didn't start filling with white smoke till we were there.

It was the very first driveway we noticed. We pulled in.

Not even kidding.

The good news is, we broke down so close to town that my aunt was able to pick us up and we actually made it to the dance recital that night!

The smile on my little sisters faces was enough to make it all worthwhile.

I hate to ruin my "manly" image BUT I CRIED when they danced knowing that my father would have been sitting there watching too if he could.

But I have a feeling that he was watching over us all. If he possibly could be.

It reaffirmed my belief that even in the darkest, most frustrating moments of our lives, like when a family member passes away, or your car "catches on fire" in the middle of nowhere...

That there's some reason why it all happens. Whatever that is.

You know, sometimes it's like you get to "sneak a peek" behind the curtains of fate and see the tiny man on the chair with the big booming voice...

You can call him God if that's your belief or religion.

You can call it fate or destiny if it's not.

I don't care what it's called so much as I know it's there.



  1. eeww... I have heard a few of these stories that make me believe that our 'family members' who departed will somehow return and 'visit' us..

  2. Yes, our ancestors help us.

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  3. He did look after you and your little sister. It may be coincidence but sometimes thing happens for reason and logics. Can't blame you for believing its existence.

  4. It's true enough for me :)

  5. I actually believe in spirits, thy actually around us... watching us in another dimension!

  6. Drivers Return On Foot :D LoL!

  7. oh no, and its close to 2am to be reading this ><


  8. I have always believe in spirits and ghost. :)


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