My Camry drive

I had driven my Camry on Sundays 15 May and 22 May. 
Thus, Sundays would be my Camry days.
Other days, I would drive my Unser or Corolla to work.

Smooth drive and I love it.

Here's how I drive it..

First of all, I need to put this small control in my pocket.

Then, I simply hold the car handle. 
Two beeps could be heard and the car could be opened. 
No key needed.

 Press the brake hard so that the small light on the engine button turns green. 
Press the engine button. 
It starts automatically.

Press the buttons on the right to switch on the AC.
Press the left buttons to choose the radio channel.

P, R, N and D. Even S if I wish to drive it manually. 

Very easy and simple!


  1. A very nice car, and I think it's value for money given its size and price.

  2. Wah! Kereta mewah! Orang kaya... Enjoy it, drive safe.

  3. Yup, have driven a camry. but never owned one! :D

  4. gosh gosh!!! wenn.. when can take me for a sunday drive.. do i have to take off my shoes before i get into the car? i m "salivating" and i can also dream about it tonight! so canggih one.. no need keys!

  5. Nice car! I didn't Camry has push start button.. *shy* But I would love to own it one day! :)

  6. good car> once on holidays, we rented a few cars. On car was camry station waggon.


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