Happy Labour's Day

Finally, I have got a day off..it's Labour Day! This morning, my husband and I were on our way to the Polo ground and I spotted these..

a U-turn traffic light..so matching with the lamps!

PERKESO building..I had been there only once!

Guess whose car was following the traffic police?


  1. Belated wishes... I am sure it's not going to be the newlywed royal couple.. could it be the Sultan?

  2. The guy from China visited Ipoh?

  3. Wenn, Happy labor day! Thanks for leaving comment in my blog..looking forward to see you in my photoblog at http://benedictchow.blogspot.com

    Hmm..by the way I think you're the one follow the traffic police ... with your camera off course :D

  4. Whose car? Must be a Vip car. At first I thought it was a group of Mat Rempit. Hahahaha!

    Anyway Wenn. Happy Labour's Day!

  5. I'm not sure myself..it's a black car..must be another state's sultan's car since they were carrying the flag.


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