My dream will come true

Last Sunday on Mother's Day, my sister messaged me that she would be going to Paris this Sunday for a week. I replied her message, "Wish I could follow you."

She replied, "Why not?"

So I had to plan. I couldn't leave my work and just go. So I asked my girl for a favor. Coincidentally, she would be having her study leave next week. She agreed to take over my work  and I was so overwhelmed.

Without hesitation, I told my sister that I would like to go. But when she checked with her travel agent, it seemed that the flight to Paris were fully booked. She asked me to go a day later and come back a day earlier.

Furthermore, my sister is actually on business trip and she wouldn't be free to accompany me. So I called it off.

Since my girl will be around next week, I was adamant to get a holiday but it was too late as tours were fully booked.

Never mind about that. Surprisingly, my girl asked me to take a longer holiday in June as she would be back again then.

Since I had got the green light, yesterday I visited my travel agent and booked a trip to my dream place for 11 days.

I had confirmed my place and I have yet to get an answer from my SIL tomorrow. Hope she would go with me. Otherwise, I would go without companion and I would have to pay extra for not twin-sharing the hotel rooms.

I am very happy as my dream will come true soon..


  1. wow, nice!!! you are going to Paris!!! i'm very happy for you..

  2. Paris is such a wonderful destination. I feel it is nice to even go alone as it offers so many nice spots to absorb the rich culture and history. I'm so happy for you. Hope the summer won't be harsh then.

  3. so the one you booked is to Paris?? Whoa! That's super cool!

  4. Hope everything will works out well for your holidays plan.

  5. Now two things to celebrate and be happy about,, your girl is wonderful and secondly,you are going to your dream holiday,,,, I don't think is Paris, is it?

    Anyway, dreams come through is a sheer joy to behold,kan?

    good news , good news

  6. cool!


    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  7. Envy.. so nice, dreams come true..

    Enjoy your trip ya...

  8. wow...sioknya! Pergi Paris...

  9. Wah, good lah, can go for holidays in Paris. Enjoy your trip!

  10. sorry wenn..wish i could go with you... my dream trip too.. anyway, u go and enjoy yourself and keep us posted when u come back!

  11. oh.. enjoy yourself!! Paris.. I just miss this place too.. it's going to be a nicer weather in June, as it's almost summer / autumn.. hopefully it's not too hot..


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