Mother's Day treat for my mum

Since my mum would be in KL on Mother's Day, we took her for a lunch at Pusing Seafood Restaurant in Ipoh on the 1st May.

my dearest mum

sambal french beans

crispy omelette

crispy prawns

fried fish

lemon fried chicken with fried onion

I love the crispy prawns the most!
What about you?
Which dish do you like the most?


  1. oh yes, i love crispy prawns too :D

  2. just choose one?? errr, I actually love them ALL, haha..

  3. looks like she had a great time!
    probably the beans.

  4. MOm already flew back home (Philippines) on Mother's Day so we didn't get to celebrate together.

    Belated Happy Mother's day to you and your mom!

  5. Happy belated Mother's Day!!! Yummy treat.

  6. Lovely dishes for your lovely mother :)

  7. I loves fish, Happy Belated Mother's Day to you and your mum!!!

  8. Hi Wenn,

    The menu looks simple but I'm sure the taste was superb! I love butter prawn very much.

    Happy Mothers' Day yeah?

  9. Cod Fish!! Must be delicious!


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