A classical clock

My Indian customer gave me this gift and he told me that it's a classical clock which his wife bought for me.
It was nicely wrapped.

Since I knew that it's a clock, I gave him 10 sen and told him that it's Chinese culture.
He accepted it but he must be wondering why.
I didn't tell him but I believe we Chinese have such superstitious belief.

Now it's nicely placed near my other clock in the living room.

Thank you my dearest friends.


  1. yeap, it is bad luck to receive clock from others. Your action of giving him 10sen is good and did not offended him at all.

    But the clock is indeed very classical and nice. I would get it myself.


  2. It is not really bad luck but giving a clock 送钟"(sòng zhōng) sounds like 送终"(sòng zhōng) - sending a person off on the death bed/bidding the final farewell so most Chinese will not like it. I also received a clock as a gift from some foreigner friends but I did not give them any money to signify that I bought the clock from them instead.

    Anyway the clock you received looks really nice.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Agree with Mun.

      Good also you didn't explain to him else he might feel embarrassed

  3. I learn something new today

  4. ah how nice!! the clock is very beautiful, and so sweet of your customer to buy that for you.. and i have to say, it's so nicely wrapped too!! giving away is also a tradition during Deepavali?? or did he just came back travelling to somewhere?? :)

  5. ah yes, in the Chinese tradition and culture we don't give clocks to each other.. but i only knew recently that if we are to accept clock from others, we kind of pay a small amount of money.. that means we BUY and not that they GIVE.. it then becomes 買鐘 and not 送鐘 (read mun's comment for the explanation)

    1. I have the same thought too, but it's okay those how don't know about it, just think like 百无禁忌 is fine!!! =]

  6. Yes, chinese has lots of myths.. cos of the same tone.. soong choong.. have two different meanings... last time my office also give clocks to all retirees.. hahahaa....now no more..

  7. Your customer is kind and thoughtful la to give you a nice clock! You must tell her to give you elephants next time so that boss will be happier! Indians have many elephants to buy from India.

  8. Chinese so pantang to receive clocks but when the companies gave out ROLEX watches for retirement or long term service, they have no pantangs! Muahahahaha


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