Hong Kong

I was surprised to receive a Hong Kong postcard from 小影. It was sent from Hong Kong recently. Thank you so much 小影. It reminds me of my first trip to Hong Kong in Nov 2009. 


My girl and I love Hong Kong Disneyland the most..
It was packed with people and you shouldn't miss it if you haven't been to any Disneyland.
It's indeed a beautiful place.

Love this castle!

We also visited Macau and Shenzhen.
This photo was taken by the Chinese photographer in Shenzhen. 
It is placed in our living room.


  1. Yes, Disneyland is indeed fun... the snow flakes during December looks like real snow falling... Very sweet picture of you and your girl...

  2. oh, i also received the postcard from 小影 all the way from HK too.. yeah, i like HK and have been there a number of times too.. first visit in 2000, then working there (and fly in/out between HK and MY) in 2006-2007 and then another visit in 2012..

  3. have been entering Macau for a day trip from HK each time, but have not been to Shenzhen before..

  4. So nice of 小影 to send you a postcard all the way from HK to bring back all the sweet memories for you. Lovely photo of you and your daughter.

    Have a nice day, Wenn!

  5. I have not went to the Disneyland in HK as my friend who went tell me not nice and it's small...

  6. Havent been to Hong Kong. Initially want to go this year end but some thing came out so got to postpone.

  7. Who is 小影?? How come no postcard for me!! hu hu hu hu....

    1. Hahaha!!! Send me your home address at (sheta88@gmail.com), I'll send to you next time!!! =]

  8. Oh yes I love the Hong Kong Disneyland very much. It is small but fun & easy to walk. I walked whole day at the Disneyland in Los Angeles until I had sun stroke with crippled legs. The crowd in US Disney was packed like rotten sardine! Bluek!

  9. You look so evergreen! Your face in 2009, 2013 and 2020 will still look the same!!!

  10. I have a card from hervtoo.

    Nice place to visit lah HK

  11. I enjoyed visiting HK Disneyland too. Took lots of photos of the fairytale place and the beautiful "princesses".

  12. Nice postcard. I miss Hong Kong!! Especially the food! : )

  13. I have never been to HK yet. It's in my wish list actually, hehe~

    You din't change much now and then ;)


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