Yesterday was a nice day for me. Firstly, I was ready to get to work at 9am and I saw a postcard in my post box. It must had been there since the other day. It's from Budapest. Yes, my girl had recently visited Budapest. Earlier she had visited Greece.

a lovely card which reminds me of my Eastern Europe trip
which had included Budapest.

Then in the evening, I had received a registered mail from Hayley.
Thanks Hayley for the gift!
The elephant key-chain is so cute!

Then in the evening, at 7.30pm, I had attended a dinner
which I had paid (RM15)
My upline drove me there as I was too lazy to go on my own.

After the dinner, there was a talk by the vice-president of the
Al-Insaan Sdn Bhd.
He talked about the sea cucumber jelly.

Last month, I had bought a bottle of the jelly for my mum as I believe it can help to ease the pain of her knee. I had bought a new one for her to take back. Recently I bought another four. Two were taken by my staff and the other two are displayed behind our counter. I have intention to buy another four for my aunt in Taiping. She has very bad arthritis.


  1. Hello Wenn,

    How sweet of your daughter to send you the postcard. Lovely gifts from Hayley as well. Truly a nice day. Good night!

  2. I hope the sea jelly helps the arthritis!

  3. First time hear of the sea cucumber jelly for curing arthritis. Hope it will relieve the pain for your mom and aunt

  4. The postcard reminds me that I always sent postcard home when I was traveling around, but my family never keep it, my sisters even tell straight away she just dump it into the recycle box once she've seen it!!! =[

  5. Lovely gifts and I didn't know sea cucumber can relieve arthritis.. but I heard they are good in collagen...

  6. Nice postcard and lovely gifts from Hayley...

  7. Didn't know that sea cucumber jelly can helps in arthritis...

  8. wow, lucky day huh?? got a nice postcard from Budapest and also souvenirs from Bangkok!! what's more, a free dinner (though you paid earlier, still you left without having to pay right?? haha!!)..

  9. sea cucumber jelly.. i've heard about this and the other day when i brought a friend to Central Market, i saw a few stalls selling the sea cucumber jelly products, guess it's getting more common and popular.. :)

  10. Homeopathis ARNICA might help!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  11. first time heard sea cucumber can heals !

  12. Sea cucumber jelly? Does it help?

  13. Good afternoon wenn!
    Glad that you have received the gifts! You're welcome!

    Yep, that key chain is so cute right? ;)

  14. What a lovely keychain :)

    I heard about sea cucumber jelly too. Heard it's very good

  15. Hope both your mom and aunt benefit from it

  16. WENNdakam! So you had a good and lucky day! I like to have that everyday too!

  17. I also bought a bottle of Sea cucumber jelly for my mum sometime back and it was quite expensive. I forgot to ask her if it helped her.

  18. Wenn, have you heard about the Nefful negative ion clothing? Google it to read about it. People who are suffering from pain as in arthritis. etc., are finding relief from wearing the clothing. We all know that negative ions are good for our body so clothing made with negative ion fabric is beneficial to our body and health.

    This is a Japanese company and the products are available in Malaysia. Maybe there are distributors in Ipoh. Just sharing.

  19. Wow! How sweet of your daughter. :)

  20. Hmmm....sea cucumber is supposed to be very good...i wonder if it works as good as advertised.


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