Deepavali Challenge

For Deepavali festive mood, I have come out with a challenge. So far there are three posts for the challenge at Chang Jiang.

Here's my message:

- Get a non-Indian friend to wear saree/dhoti together with you.
- Take a picture together.
- Post the picture on Chang Jiang's page.
- Get your facebook friends to like Chang Jiang
   and comment on your picture.
- The picture with the most comments wins.
- A friend can only comment once.
- Consolation prizes too.

Closing date: 25 Oct 2013 at 11pm.

When my customers asked me about the challenge. I told them to go for it. If they couldn't get anyone, they can always ask me. Actually I'm keen to wear saree too..
This morning, a customer (A) called me and told me to partner another customer (B) in wearing saree. I was pleased to hear that and agreed instantly. Not long later, customer B really came to my shop and we have yet to decide the convenient date for both of us. 

At the meantime, I'm always busy as my cashier is still on medical leave. Hopefully we can fix a date probably a Sunday. She is going to dress her saree for me and I can't wait to see how will I look!

What about you? You can take part too. It's definitely fun!



  1. Good one, I'm sure this will create the festival mood :)

  2. haha, this is a very interesting theme.. deepavali challenge to dress up in saree and dothi!! Thambee likes~~ hehe!! :)

    1. One day we must do a shot for Thambee & Anay in the colourful Mumbai dhotis with the turban! We must ride on elephants too!

  3. good luck to all the participants.. i must go to Chang Jiang facebook to see the photos, must be lots of fun, haha!! :D

    1. Hahaha, same here, I don't think I'm be able to participants but I will go Chang Jiang facebook to see the photos!!! =]

  4. Haha interesting! Shall see if I have the time to participate!

  5. Can you remind me somehow? I would like to, just can't remember everything - yep. smiles.

  6. What a challenge! I have not worn a saree before. I am sure many of your customers will take part. Can't wait to see you in a saree. You will look very nice in one.

  7. i never wear a saree before but had a colleague wear it. Not that easy with all those long saree. Took a while to roll the whole cloth around her. I took a photo with her but unfortunately the photo is in Kuching.

    But good luck to all the particpants. Must be fun.

  8. Interesting, i never wear saree before, hehe....

  9. And time flies very fast, Deepavali is around the corner...

  10. Good Luck to all the participants!!! =]

    Have great weekend!!! =]

  11. WENNder Woman always have creative and innovative ways to organize contests!! You are so interesting to me.


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