Sacred Saturday

Yesterday (Saturday) marked the first day of the ninth month of the Chinese calendar. I also understand from my customer that they also observe the holiness of this month.

Anyway, the day also marked the last working day of my part-time worker. He is a student in a college and he came to work after his classes. He usually does his assignments after work at night. Few days ago he told me that he's leaving as he's going to face a major exam. He needs time to study.

Since it's such a short notice, we have no farewell party for him. I just bought a cake for him and he wanted to share with the others.

Pandan-layered cake

I cut the cake for him and distributed to everyone. 
I told him to come back during his break..(hopefully)

Recently I received an invitation card from my customer. I was supposed to attend it but the boss had to attend a house warming. So I didn't make it. He must be waiting for my presence. So sorry..

So I wrapped up this little gift and should he comes to my shop, I will give it to him for his little princess.
a small gift

And I also wrapped up a gift for the 1000th person who has liked Chang Jiang.
I have yet to meet this person. 


  1. Hello Wenn,

    You are really good at wrapping gifts. Such a pretty gift for your customer's daughter. Congrats to Chang Jiang for getting more than 1000 likes! All due to your effort.

    Your part time worker is such a diligent person. Ya, hopefully he will work for you again during his study break.

    Good night. Sleep well.

  2. Nice gift and hamper. I am sure they will like them very much.

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Nice gift wrap like hamper, you're really good at it!!! =]

  4. yeah, it's the 9th month in the chinese calendar and also the month dedicated the 9 heavenly gods.. and it's believed that there will be lots of rain during this month too..

  5. you are always such a nice boss to all your workers, i bet he will be willing to come back to help whenever he has got the time.. that cake looks very delicious, wonder how it looks like inside, hehe~~

  6. Very nicely wrapped up, Wenn! Looks very sweet....

  7. 1000 likes is a big number!!! Wow! Your shop is getting famous!

  8. This part time staff who decided to share his farewell cake is kind and selfless. If you have given this cake to "that" teacher, she would have rampas it home alone to eat. LOL

  9. I always respect students who would work part time to earn extra pocket money. They would become good and successful survivors always in future.

  10. Dear Wenn, you are such a good person! We need more people like you in this world. :D

  11. Lovely gift. Syre the person will be very happy to receive

  12. Oh, another staff leaving huh? Then you have to look for a new staff now?


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