Deepavali Mood

Yesterday, the boss asked some Indians to fix two banana plants at the entrance of Chang Jiang. He paid RM100 for that. This is the second time he did it.

It looks good and the customers were delighted especially the Indians.

At the meantime, I'm busy wrapping hampers. Business is good and we as cashiers are really busy. I have to be both cashier and hamper wrapping person..

Do you know that not all Indians celebrate Deepavali? As for us Chinese, I would say all Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year.

Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate it.  


  1. Good morning Wenn, Happy Deepavali to your customers who celebrate this festival.

    The banana trees are so tall. How long can they survive in the small pots?

  2. wow, nice banana trees in front of your shop!! and i also like those strings of little things hanging on the signboard, those are made from banana leaves also?? your customer must be delighted.. :)

  3. ah yes, not all the Indians celebrate Deepavali, since some may be Buddhist or Christians, but i would say it is actually for the Hindus (and not only Indian Hindus but perhaps Hindus of other races) to celebrate.. and true also, i guess all Chinese celebrate CNY right regardless their religion.. :)

  4. So nice of your boss to enhance the Deepavali Mood! :)

  5. That is a very tall tree, but it does give the Deepavali mood to the shop.

    Happy holiday Wenn!!

  6. We malaysian. Celebrate every festival. That is good right? :) lovely tree.

  7. So cool! Great for building relationships. Great for business too, of course. Happy Diwali!

  8. Wah, not cheap eh?

    Anyway, looks nice! Happy Deepavali for those who are celebrating!

  9. WENNakam! Your boss is so kind and considerate to even tie 2 tall banana trees outside the shop!!! I am still shocked and surprised dei....

  10. I am not surprised that not all Indians celebrate Deepavali as not all Christians in Malaysia celebrate Christmas too.

    I heard that India is so huge with large population from different tribal clans who have different faiths and dialects too.

  11. So I assume Wenna and Wooina celebrate this occasion. I wish you both and all your customers a Very Happy Deepavali.

  12. yes. i know. And we Christians are having an All Souls Day on 2 November 2013.


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