Goodbye our precious Sammie

Sammie was our precious hamster besides Hammie, her husband which passed away last year. She gave birth twice. Once in June last year and another in July in the same year. The first batch of babies didn't survive but her second one was great. All five babies are grown-ups now. 

Sammie passed away early this morning after midnight.
She had lived her life. 
I promised my girl that I would give her a burial.
Buried her just now right in front of our front gate
besides her beloved husband.

RIP Sammie..


  1. Rip

    Always sad to lose a pet. You gave her dignity by giving a burial.

  2. Rip Sammie. Good to hear you gave her a proper send off.

  3. Pet hamsters have short lives. My bro used to have few but all died. But at least Sammie lived a good life.

    RIP Sammie.

  4. WENNdakam! You have few pets which have gone to heavens. It is so sad lah but I believe you will continue to keep pets. You seem to have lots of tears!!! LOL

  5. Sammie must be happy that you gave it a burial. I hope you found a nice box to make her coffin with ribbon tied around it.

    RIP Sammie......huu hu hu hu

  6. Good afternoon wenn!

    Hur hur, so sad to hear that, RIP cute Sammie!

    1. It's so nice of you to bury her properly beside her husband!

  7. It's sad to lose your pet. That's why I never ever have pets. Also mainly because I don't have the time to take care of them.

  8. What a sad post, RIP cute Sammie!!! =[

  9. RIP Sammie.. it's always sad to lose a pet, like what Lina said.. though just a small little hamster, but i guess you have built a relationship throughout these years feeding and watching it..

  10. glad to know that you gave Sammie a proper burial and also to put her beside Hammie.. not just packed her in a plastic bag and disposed as garbage like you did last round.. :)

  11. Last time we had a pet hamster too and when it died, we buried it in the garden near our house (we don't have a garden ourself cos ours is a flat), it is sad to raise pets when they pass away, so nowadays we try not to have any pet. RIP Sammie!


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