Male Participants

Well, it's not easy to get males to participate in most contest or rather challenges. Here, my customer has uploaded some photos for the Deepavali challenge. He is our regular customer and thus his whole family has sort of become our good friends. 

In this case, we need some support from my friends including blogger friends. Please hop over to Chang Jiang and write some comments on the photo posted by Selva Raj. 

On their behalf, I thank all of you!

Have a nice day!

I got to go work now..


  1. yeah, i think guys are less interested huh?? i am okay with contest as long as the prize is what i wish for, and most importantly the contest is simple eg: just answer simple questions, no photos no slogan no tell-me-why-in-20-words etc~~ :p

  2. it's a pleasant surprise that your boss was also willing to dress up and take a photo huh?? cool~~ :)

  3. Have to say I'm so sorry, I can't help to comment meanwhile I wish to comment on Facebook, but if I commented, it will appear on the news feed, then my sisters can start ask tons of never ended questions......=[

  4. Good afternoon wenn! You seems busy recently!

    1. Yep, it's more difficult to find male participants especially if involve taking photos/costumes wearing, hehe~
      Male are generally more low profile I reckon ;)

  5. Wenn, maybe can get SK to join in the contest? hehe...

  6. Ok. I have just left a comment. Hope he win a prize.

  7. WENNakam! Your boss is tall and handsome with good personality. If he wears this nice Indian outfit to walk in KL's Brickfields, he might attract many gals! Beware!


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