Driver and Wipers

These imposing statues, owned by the National Gallery of Victoria, were transferred from the forecourt of the State Library of Victoria to the Shrine Reserve in April 1998.

The statues, by sculptor Charles Sargeant Jagger, are replicas of Jagger's original bronze sculptures: The Driver from the Royal Artillery Memorial in Cheshire.



‘Wipers’ is the English translation of Ypres, the battlefields of France which claimed the lives of thousands of Australians during World War 1.


  1. I was wondering why they called the guy with holding the gun wipers. Thanks for the info.

  2. i was thinking of car wipers.. :p

  3. hahahahah i tot u were going to write abt msian drivers and their wipers

  4. Why wipers? what they did during wars?

  5. thanks for the info, now i know why he is called the "wipers"..


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