To Phillip Island

On our way to Phillip Island..

via a bridge

Phillip Island is approximately 140 kilometres South East of Melbourne and is the home of the world famous Penguin Parade.

Sorry, no photography of the little penguins.

The Penguin Parade is one of the most well known and popular attractions on Phillip Island.

Each evening at dusk the little penguins waddle up the beach to return to their burrows. Sometimes they could lose their way home. That's why they ended up on the road.


  1. Thank you for your key chain!

    I just received it this morning!

    :) thank you thank you very much :D

  2. Never knew penquins were camera shy.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  3. It is a shame you cannot take the penguins’ pictures - I am sure you would get many lovely shots. It must have been fun to watch them.

  4. aikkk....i was scrolling down to see penguins...penguins leh? hhahaa

  5. is it a newer regulation? i remember abt hmmm paiseh 20 yrs ago wen my friends studied in australia they took pictures with the penguins and mail us...or maybe they curi2 take..u know lar students maa must break law one hahahha...

  6. when i was there back in the 90's oso no photography allowed dy... still, i curi curi take without flash.. :)

  7. I was tempted to snap them but it was too risky. We were warned.

  8. I can understand why camera is not allow. But phone? is it because the ringing might scare the penguin?

  9. Interesting place le.....I wanna go too if I travel to Melbourne :)

  10. Aww...they must be cute right? :D


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