Sydney Opera House

It was indeed amazing to be able to view the well-known Opera House up-close. I could only view it from afar when I was in Sydney in 2004.

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney, Australia. It was conceived and largely built by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who, in 2003, received the Pritzker Prize, architecture's highest honour.

The Sydney Opera House was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 28 June 2007.

The shells are covered in a subtle chevron pattern with 1,056,006 glossy white- and matte-cream-colored Swedish-made tiles from Höganäs AB.

view from the Opera House

The Opera House houses the following performance venues:

  • The Concert Hall, with 2,678 seats, is the home of the Sydney Symphony and used by a large number of other concert presenters. It contains the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ, the largest mechanical tracker action organ in the world, with over 10,000 pipes.
  • The Opera Theatre, a proscenium theatre with 1,507 seats, is the Sydney home of Opera Australia and The Australian Ballet.
  • The Drama Theatre, a proscenium theatre with 544 seats, is used by the Sydney Theatre Company and other dance and theatrical presenters.
  • The Playhouse, an end-stage theatre with 398 seats.
  • The Studio, a flexible space with a maximum capacity of 400 people, depending on configuration.
  • The Utzon Room, a small multi-purpose venue, seating up to 210.
  • The Forecourt, a flexible open-air venue with a wide range of configuration options, including the possibility of utilising the Monumental Steps as audience seating, used for a range of community events and major outdoor performances.

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  1. The well known Sydney Opera building!
    Love the pics
    B xx

  2. waaa now with ur close up pic, it look really amazing the architecture...

  3. Heard so much about this place. Hope one day I'll be able to visit it.

  4. The must go place in Sydney.. :)

  5. I've been to Sydney Opera House ten years ago..haha. Love it.

  6. Wah...very nice. I wish I can go there one day.

  7. oh, finally the pride of Australians!! very nice building, wish i could be there one day..

  8. looking at your pics sure brings back fond memories.

  9. I've always admired this building. Now I know more about it including the fact that it is covered in those amazing tiles. How cool that you were able to see this up close!

  10. It's a great building at the skyline from Sidney. I like it...

    Servus and so long

  11. It's one of my most favoured architecture, besides the Eiffel tower. Majestic!

  12. Oh I hope I can go there one day! : )

  13. I missed the tour when I was there!

  14. Did u watch any performances there? That'd be a great experience.


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