Puffing Billy

The Puffing Billy railway was one of four low-cost 2'6" (762mm) gauge lines constructed in Victoria in the early 1900s to open up remote areas.

Puffing Billy is Australia’s favourite steam train and one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world.

The present line between Belgrave and Gembrook, through the forests, fern gullies and farmlands of the magnificent Dandenong Ranges, is the major part of the line which opened on 18 December 1900 and operated over 18.2 miles (29km) between Upper Ferntree Gully and Gembrook until 1953. In 1953, a landslide blocked the track and, because of operating losses, the line was closed the following year.

the conductor

This station is the headquarters of the Railway, with both operating and administrative facilities. Most Puffing Billy trains commence their journeys here.

This is the highest station on the line and in the yard is the Railway’s carriage repair workshop. Picnic and toilet facilities may be found at the station. This is also the venue for the popular 'Day Out With Thomas’ events.

Once a busy centre for the dispatch of timber and farm produce from the district. Picnic facilities are provided at the station and in the adjacent park. Trains usually stop over for an hour or more for visitors to explore the historic town before the return trip.

It was fun taking the ride. Some of the passengers even sat on the window feeling the cool wind while admiring the rainforest of the Dandenongs Ranges.

It was quite an experience!


  1. Wow, it does look like a wonderful experience indeed!

  2. Wow! I like such Oldys. We also have someone here in Germany. But they always drive only at sunday. Thanks for showing from so far away...

    Servus and have a nice day

  3. That seems like fun...the pics were great..the steam coming out was my pick!!

  4. Must be nice riding in the train and enjoying the rainforest outside!

  5. the last pic said it all...:)

  6. Never experienced that before, Wenn..

  7. What a great experience!!.. I cant stop smiling looking at the last pic hehehe..

  8. When I was a student then, My friends and I took trains all the way to the Puffying Billy station. But the tix were too expensive and we decided not to ride on it. What a bit regret now. hehe...

    p/s: Need some time to read all your Australia posts. Got so much of catch up to do.

  9. wow! your post makes me wanna go au..

  10. Yup, it wuz a beautiful ride. Glad you enjoyed it too. I don't mind doing the ride again. :)

  11. Ooh, it must be an experience to sit in a steam train....great scenery

  12. Nowadays, we don't get to ride this kind of trains anymore, hence your experience was well worth it. Somehow, this train reminds me of Harry Porter, haha!

  13. i like the name puffing billy.. so imaginative.. :)

  14. It must be a good experience to ride on a train with legs hanging out.

  15. Come from Smal Kucing blog. Drop by to say hi...
    Wow..what a great experience! Regret didn't try this oldie train when I was student there.


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