Mrs Macquaries Chair

Mrs Macquarie, was the wife of colonel Lachlan Macquarie (31 January, 1762-1 July, 1824), the sixth Governor of New South Wales, who is regarded by many, as the real founder of Australia.

The spot we call today, Mrs Macquarie's Chair, situated in the Royal Botanic Gardens, used to be the favorite retreat place for Mrs Macquarie. As Governor Macquarie, liked people to name places after him, the headland were his wife used to spend time, was named: Mrs Macquarie's Chair.

Compare the size of the Chair with the boy..

The place has no historical significance, but offers one of the best views of the Sydney Harbour, and represents a good photographic opportunity.

Can you guess the whereabout of the Chair?

Saw some birds too.
Australian White Ibis

wish I could talk to them..
they seemed so cool..


  1. It seems that the chair is a good place to find photo subjects.

  2. i remember this chair and its surrounding area. it's one of the best vantage points in Sydney.

  3. Oh i've learn something new today. Wonder if my uni has any relation to it. It's Macquarie Uni. And we have lots of those birds in the campus. I like to chase them around when im bored haha.

  4. View must have been great sitting on that Chair! ;)

  5. Really lovely pics - such a nice day too

  6. Almost bridal. I’m not sure if they look more saintly, or a little bit naughty! A very beautiful image in any case.

  7. I love the Australian White Ibis.
    Thanks for sharing this post and history bahind it.
    B xx

  8. Beautiful photos here, a lovely place and birds are gorgeous. Very inforamtive post as well.

  9. Your shots of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are a cut above the rest of the milliions of shots taken of these icons.

  10. Whats the best train station to get of at to get to lady macquaries chair?


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