Garden Buffet

We had our dinner at the Garden Buffet in the Star City.

This buffet restaurant, also known as the 'prawn buffet', has a large range of prawns, pastas, meats and salads.

What is significant in this picture?

my plate

my dessert

"Eat All You Can"

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  1. I thought you really had the buffet in a garden. :p

  2. Then again everything looks delicious. :) I wanna have a buffet too. It has been awhile.

  3. Wow, what an interesting variety of delicious food. I am very hungry already!

  4. Hello Wenn,

    What can i say? Oh my goodness! The selection of food makes me hungry. And they did a nice presentation of food there. It reminds me of Four Points Sheraton.

    They even have the flags on display. The flag that got my attention is the Argentina's flag. Too bad they lose in the world cup. Bad Paul the Octopus! Hahahah

  5. I shouldn't have come to your blog when I was so hungry. I like all the flags in the second photo. OBTW, several people who commented on my "Monochrome Lake" post for Phun Phriday! wondered how it was done, so I posted a tutorial on it today. If you're interested just click here. Thanks for dropping by and your comment.

  6. droooling...havent have lunch yet...gotta go find something to eat already

  7. Is tat fried prawns in ur 7th photo?

  8. Oh!!!

    I am reading this at 12:57pm. Time for my lunch.

  9. it is 2.01 n so far i had only s small bowl of green neans with sweet potato soup. yr pics make me feel super hungry

  10. prawn buffet? please take me there.

  11. Tempting food trays! So many to chose from!

  12. much to eat.. in buffets, i like the desserts best of all..

  13. Hey Wenn,

    you know what? you always get me jealous with all those nice pictures, with i had the that luxury.....

    take care now and god bless

  14. Hello Wenn!

    Very nice, indeed! Yummi...

    Servus and so long

  15. Wow sumptous meals - wenn had a wonderful life! :-)

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  17. What does the semi-private section in the Paradise Garden Buffet at the Flamingo look like? Can anyone describe it or have pictures?


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