Melbourne Airport

So much about Melbourne..

15/6/10 To Melbourne airport

Melbourne Airport also known as Tullamarine Airport, is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne and the second busiest in Australia.

a book store : full of books

chocolates: my favourite

modern sunglasses

The Melbourne - Sydney air route is the third most-travelled passenger air route in the world and the busiest in the Asia Pacific region.


  1. Chocolate store my favorite too :D.

  2. Haven't been to Melbourne but will be there one day:)

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaa the book shop and chocolate fav :)

  4. Airports can evoke different emotions for a traveller. It means happiness when you are lifting off and arriving for a nice vacation but sad when leaving after a great time.

  5. Wow, Melbourne Airport is really busy..see those car heading and leaving the airport. Ha..I wonder when our KL airport will achieve that busy level?

  6. Nice airport, the book store is my favorite place.

  7. Oh Melbourne the 'notorious' place we used to call four seasons in a day..haha Eh the choc sales is so good its empty on one shelf..purposely I think..tQ

  8. Very nice airport. But very strict custom rules.

  9. Very nice airport. But very strict custom rules.

  10. I always appreciate good services at airports (including taxi services). Good systems make tired travellers feel good when they are in foreign countries. But often alien countries do not treat travellers well.

    Malaysians must always remember to treat others well (not so important that we will later be treated well because not so many of us will be travelling their way).

  11. Very efficient and pleasant airport with many nice stores.

  12. Very efficient airport, Melbourne airport is really very busiest in Australia.
    chauffeur Cars Melbourne


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