Gurdies Winery

beautiful blue sky at the Gurdies

The Gurdies Winery was established in 1982 and is the oldest winery in southwest Gippsland, in Victoria's Lakes & Wilderness area.

the price list

the winery store

a bottle only cost $19

We were given the privilege to try out five different types of wine and lastly I bought two bottles which I gave to my brother-in-law when I met him in Sydney.


  1. I bet the wine must have tasted very good:)

  2. $19 per/bottle not bad price. But, to bad I don't drink wine.

  3. is that cheap? i think considerably cheaper than msia eh?

  4. I love the table on barrels! And that sky, gorgeous!

  5. What a pretty winery! I have only been to one tasting but it was great and came away with two bottles to save for a special occasion!

  6. besides tasting good wine, the scenery is breathtaking too ya? :-)

  7. $19 is a pretty good bottle of wine there. Looks like a fun place to visit.

  8. I don't drink wine, but that sounds cheap to me!It's fun tagging along with you through your wonderful photos.

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  10. We do not have too many blue sky days, so , thank you for this yours in the photo :)
    Happy weekend and thank you for your comment on my site!

  11. how is the wine? good?


  12. A chilled chardonnay sounds wonderful right now! beautiful shots, great winery.


  13. it must have been a fun experience visiting the winery.

  14. Fun trip to the winery! It must be fun.


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