Trinity Bar

I met up with my brother-in-law and his son when I was in Sydney. They came all the way from Newcastle, picked us up from the hotel and took us out for lunch.

My brother-in-law parked his car at Crown Street
and we saw a police riding a horse..

From the Crown Street, we walked to the Trinity Bar.
It's just around the corner..

Here's the menu for our lunch...
fried squids as appetizer

my nephew's burger

my son's chicken chop

my BIL's mutton

my chicken chop with cheese

View from where we sat at the Bar.

My free lunch for the day..
Thanks to my favorite brother-in-law!

What a great collection of encyclopedia at the Bar!


  1. Food galore! I'm hungry now. :)

    Wow, collection of encyclopedia at the Bar. Interesting!

  2. the fried squid reminded me of the name calamari when i visited melbourne many yrs ago and i have no idea what a calamari is hahahahahaa ipoh mali ok lar calamari?...from where? ahhahahaah

  3. Looks like you had a great time, and the food is so tempting. Have a wonderful week.

  4. what a wonderful trip you have.. going by your own is so much better.. more relaxing too.. may i join u next time? :)

  5. OMG! The food look super glorious. Just at the colour and texture. :D

    I wanna ride on that horse too.

  6. Trinity Lincoln Park sounds good together. Seriously I know people who have gone and said it was great and others not so great. I think you should go and if yoou don't likeit there are plenty of other great spots around there. Go have fun and relax. This city has so much tooffer and if Trinity isn't your cup of tea just down the road in walking distance is another that may be.

  7. Oh yummy especially the fried squid :D

  8. Good food...and what a collection of encyclopedia!!

  9. food and books...even encyclopedia

  10. Wow! The food looks good! But I don't really like squids. Haha!

  11. Look like your good time continues.

  12. Wenn: What a great time you had. I grew up in New Castle, PA, USA.

  13. So nice of your BIL. The food really make me hungry especially your chicken chop.

  14. the food looks so good! now i'm feeling hungry :-P

  15. This bar was most unwelcoming at late hours. Most staff were fun & flirtatious, however the manager was quite quick to kick people out who simply did not contribute to the financial gain of the bar.

  16. Went here on the weekend and had a schnitzel, it came out still raw on the inside, when I sent it back it came out burnt, the only tables were outside surrounded by smokers, not a nice experience, won't be back.


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