Condom Kingdom

The ultimate adult shop for young and old, visit Condom Kingdom on the Gold Coast.

Since 1994, Condom Kingdom has been promoting safe sex while providing the cheapest adult products in Australia! With a large selection of quality adult products available online ranging from Sex Toys, Condoms, Adult DVDs, Bondage and Lingerie, Sex Dolls plus others, there is something for every Australian.


As my son and I were strolling along the road to
the Surfers Paradise
night market,
we saw the Condom Kingdom just opposite the road.

a closer shot of the Kingdom

After visiting the night market, we walked back to the usual road. We wanted to look for our dinner and then we had a simple dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. After which, we walked along the road to get back back to the hotel.

I seemed to enter every store and I accidentally entered the Condom Kingdom.
Initially I didn't realize it. When I realized that this shop was a little weird, I looked around and my son was nowhere to be found!

So to cover up my embarrassment, I simply walked a short while and quickly got out of sight!

Before I walked away, I had this shot:
Ice-creams...Sinful Scoops!

No comment and I quickly pulled my son away..


  1. Uh... lol... the ice cream is rather suggestive. =D

  2. Haha! ...and it's colorful, too! :)

  3. Wenn: I did a double take on that post name.

  4. I wanna try that sinful ice-cream. :)

  5. hahaha, accidentally walked in?? hmmm, maybe you should leave your son in hotel and you go to that shop again alone?? keke~~ :p

  6. OMG! What a sinful place you have been. So how many you have bought? :p

  7. OMG! What a sinful place you have been. So how many you have bought? :p

  8. I like that name,, condoms kingdom...

    will you go back in again,given a choice, i would seriously.... after all, it is promoting safe sex and some sex toys to rekindle some of our mundane sex life.

  9. Just listening to the morons from BBC World twaddling on – So BBC world – I don’t watch you morons any more.

  10. There's a shop here in Orchard Road and I was curious and purposely went in! the staffs there must be shocked to see an old makcik coming

  11. why pulled away from sinful ice cream? the cones are in condom shaped? :p

  12. There is nothing to be embarass about going into this kind of place... especially since adult liao...

    If you say kids go in maybe got staring eyes. haha... But Ice creams... nothing to pull the kid away from! I think I know. Don't want kid asking for ice creams :P.

  13. I always call ice cream "sinful" but not in that way!

  14. this is funny name... what condom kingdom. hehe


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